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The foundations of the Custodian  way are underpinned by years of hands on experience in real estate, development, finance, property investment and tax.

We aim to gain our clients financial freedom via a long term plan of action that yields high financial rewards. Our connections within the industry also allow us to stay in touch with latest developments so we can get the jump on our competitors.

Our love for property as an investment vehicle stems from the security of ‘bricks and mortar’, compared to the ups and downs of commodities and shares. It also compares favourably to the manageability of commercial and industrial properties over the medium to long term.

We understand the jargon, procedures and legislation used by developers, builders, planners, solicitors, financiers, civil contractors, local councils, banks and their valuers, mortgage brokers, insurers and rental agents.

Before we invest in any property, we make sure the deal ticks all the boxes and abides by our strict guidelines. Thanks to this discipline many of our clients have achieved, or are in the process of developing a strong financial position through property and .

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