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Custodian Wealth Builders give high importance to the growth of every client’s portfolio. Our trained consultants will guide you through each process to help you achieve your goals. This is crucial to investors who are focused on the improvement of their income and to those who invest in property. As investments grow, this empowers one to borrow correctly, increase amounts and double their investments. In the long run, this will allow the client to build a chain of assets that are all self-funding via income from rent combined with legitimate tax savings.

Most frequently asked Custodian Feedbackquestions from clients explore whether Custodian Wealth Builder’s system genuinely offers the returns it proposes. To review this, it is always best to investigate and gather reviews from clients that have applied the philosophy and went to the Custodian Wealth Builders process. Good results do not happen overnight, and many clients progress at different speeds. However, these are the people you can obtain legitimate feedback from in order to review our system.

Here is some feedback from Custodian Wealth Builder clients:

Heiner and Karin Karst
Began investing in residential property in 2001
Number of Properties: 11

Custodian to me is a system, a proven system. One that gives ordinary people like you and me to do something extraordinary. So for me, Custodian is a group of professionals that I would otherwise have to go on recruitment myself that I have access to, and I can avail myself of, and I can use to help me build a portfolio in a very wealthy way. I think everybody could do it if you have the will, a dream or a goal to do something different, to do something better with your life to end up with something that you really wanna do not just doing things that you have to do, then I think property investments are for those kind of people.”

Mark and Margaret Wachnik
Began Investing in residential property in 2000
Number of properties: 13

We have 12 investment properties at the moment, and our own house so 13 in total. Basically was to supplement our income, we’ve surpassed it and now we just have to continue on wealth building. I think it gives us a choice when to retire. Well get informed, that was the big thing for us. We did not understand at first, the more we learn, the more we decided to act on it, so that’s number one. The more I red, the more I attended John’s seminars, you know I can see is integrity and basically check out what he has to offer, a proven system. So that’s what we did, get informed and obviously act on it. A lot of people read books I suppose but don’t act on their dreams. If we could have done it I’m sure anyone could have.

Wayne and Melissa Scarlett
Began investing in residential property in 2009
Number of properties: 4

The benefit of joining Custodian is the advice and support they provide. You can’t know everything, so you need experts on your side. The best part of our journey has been to finally say we’ve started securing a financially independent retirement”

Grant and Lisa Innes
Began investing in residential property in 2011
Number of properties: 4

Eight years ago when I read 7 Steps to Wealth I felt like it was written for me. There’s a better way to get ahead than just slogging away at your job, trying to pay off your home and save some money. John Fitzgerald and Custodian have proven to me that it’s a great way to invest and that I can do it too.”

Custodian Wealth Builders are one of many experts in the field of property investment. Feedback, both positive and negative, plays an important part of our development as a company. Visit for more news and reviews.


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