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Goals were, the bold goals were the key to the kickstart. And I was fascinated to learn that there’s still a lot of people who struggle with goals and need tips on goals. So many of you are taking your steps towards goals. Now what was interesting too, the priority for goals obviously was health and secondly was wealth. That was the numbers came out.


Now interestingly 78% of people are optimistic about 2018. When we go down to financial strategies, here’s where it got interesting. The majority of you, over 66%, and I agree with you, believe Brucemann is gonna be the area that’s gonna run this year. And Melbourne that was the tie was 30% believe Melbourne will run. We’re in those two markets and we’re also in Adelaide because Adelaide will follow¬†Brucemann and certainly Melbourne. Interestingly, that last year the Gold Coast rose by 7.7% while Brucemann grew by around about 3%. So we’re in that corridor and the blend right, in some of those suburbs in those areas, grew by more than 10%. But where it got down to the most interesting question I saw was that three-quarters of you, 75% of you said that if you could add another $200 of income to your properties that would change your long-term strategy.

Here’s what we’re doing in Seven Steps in the seven-step strategy.

We’re building a land bank. Now if you get to four or five properties, you might have 2,000 square meters of land. 2,000 square meters of land today might have four or five houses. In five to 10 years, that might be 10 to 15 houses for a compound growth. Why, because the block sizes are getting smaller and smaller. And the other very interesting dynamic is that we’ve got a way to enable our assets today. So as an example we can pick up our phones and we can rent out our bedroom to a student, a foreign student. And there’s nearly a million of them here at any one time. Or we can rent out our bedroom to, on AirBnB. There are a million tourists here at any one time. So we can enable these assets and we can also do it on our rental properties. And particularly adding to it. And that’s why I coach every single one of you, build a land bank. That’s the name of the game, that’s the goal.


So that if you’ve got a land bank of 1,500, 2,000, 3,000, we’ve even got clients as you know with up to six and 10,000 square meters of land. Not only are you set for life, generations and generations and generations are set for life. Amazing. Today we’ve got the highest population growth and lowest interest rates in Australian history. If you’re not gonna do it now you’ll never do it. And remember, every day take one step towards your goals. Goals become habits. And habits are what make us. Daily habits, success is just repetition.¬†

The important part is in knowing that you will learn how to use a PROVEN STRATEGY to help you get started and get the most out of Residential Property Investment. You will still gain valuable information whether you’re just starting out or already own multiple properties. Contact us for more information.

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