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One of the key services we offer Australian’s is ongoing education in wealth creation, property investing and personal growth. An obvious way we do this is with our workshops and property investment seminars in Brisbane and across the country. If you would like to attend one of these, you can find out when the next workshop is by visiting Custodian events page.

We offer ongoing education on more platforms than our official events though. One of our key platforms is our YouTube channel which you can subscribe to here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgKKWjVtYFfE-sAiuL_3axg. On this channel, almost every week we will post a short video which may help you develop your knowledge, inspiration and personal habits, in a way that optimises your chances for financial and personal success. With this in mind, I have embedded some of our recent videos so you can see what they are about. If you like these and think they are useful, please go and subscribe to the channel – and you will be notified in your Youtube account every time we post a new video. Here are some videos:

1. In this video, John explains some of the big economic changes that occurred in 2014, that should be considered in your wealth creation strategies in 2015. Its a “current situation” type of video which should highlight some things you need to consider when planning your investment strategies this year.

2. This video has more of a “Personal Growth” theme to it. It talks about taking time each year for yourself, to spring clean. Its pretty interesting as a common theme in today’s world is that it is a “toxic” world we live in. This is physically, mentally and spiritually. An annual spring clean can really help us all. Here is the video:

And the final video I will highlight in this article is a video that updates you with some further information about one of the principles of our wealth creation strategies – which is land use. So this one builds on strategies presented in books, workshops and on our websites.

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