Custodian – And Social Media

Social Media is pretty important these days isn’t it! We believe so, particularly in our industry as our industry is all about information and education. Social media is such a great way to find and understand news and events pertinent to specific topics, find and assimilate expert opinion and commentary of said news and events, and also to share information. At CWB, we use social media for all these things, and also to find and share notes and thoughts that we find to be inspiring.

So I thought I’d write this post, simply to share with you some of our Social Media channels, with a little bit of commentary about what we use them for.

Custodian Facebook: We use this page to keep everyone up to date with our events and other things going on with our business and also in the wealth creation industry

Custodian YouTube: This is our TV Channel. Almost every week John will record a video for you which will be inspiring, educational or topical. You should subscribe to this channel to keep up to date in property and wealth creation.

Custodian Twitter: This is our news feed, where you can pick up what is going on and then follow tweets to the source of the information.

Custodian LinkedIn: This is our professional profile on LinkedIn – great for finding and connecting with experts and prospective employees in our industry

Custodian Pinterest: This is our Pinterest page, we find and post our inspiring stuff here. We all need some extra inspiration now and then don’t we!

Custodian Wealth Builders Google+: We use Google+ for more expert posts, and also to share some of our other Social Media bits and pieces.

So there you have it, our main Social Media profiles and pages – we’d love to see you follow us so please join us on the platforms you use most.





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